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About Second Suites

Second Suites are a vital component of Ontario’s rental housing landscape as they offer affordable housing throughout the province.  Second Suites are self-contained residential units which are generally permitted in single detached, semi-detached and row houses as well as in ancillary structures (i.e. Garage, laneway house or garden suite).

In 2011, the Government of Ontario passed legislation (the Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011) to promote the creation of Second Suites province-wide through amendments to the Planning Act.

The amendments, however, do not automatically legalize existing Second Suites or permit new ones without a building permit.

Regardless of how or when a Second Suite is created, in Ontario a Second Suite must also meet health, safety, housing and maintenance standards, including but not limited to the Ontario Building Code, the Fire Code, and municipal property standards bylaws.  This site offers a wealth of information about Second Suites in Ontario including information specific to the municipalities across Ontario.    

What People Are Saying About Second Suites

Scott McGillivray, TV Personality

" I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think secondary suites are a great way to get started in the real estate investment business, but before you take the plunge make sure you’ve done your research and know all the pros and cons. "

-- Scott McGillivray, TV Personality
Chris Ballard, former Minister of Housing

" Second units help optimize the use of the existing housing stock and infrastructure, all the while providing an income stream for homeowners, particularly younger and older homeowners, who may respectively have a greater need for income to help finance and/or remain in their homes. "

-- Chris Ballard, former Minister of Housing
Jason McGuire, President of LSHC Board of Directors

" An innovative and interactive resource that empowers the creation of safe legal second suites throughout Ontario. "

-- Jason McGuire, President of LSHC Board of Directors
Betheney Maheu, Homeowner

" Owning a second suite has made a financial difference for me. The second suite helped me get into the competitive Toronto housing market, as well as pay off my mortgage. "

-- Betheney Maheu, Homeowner

Local Resources for Second Suites

http://www.secondsuites.info/service-directory/Find local support, resources and contacts in your community, including local Second Suites information, fire safety requirements, your local building, zoning and planning departments

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Second Suite Resources in Ontario